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Early Life

Mychel Dillard, better known as Snoop, is a Serial Entrepreneur hailing from Atlanta, GA. Originally born in Detroit, MI, Snoop’s upbringing took place in the inner-city alongside her two younger brothers. During her childhood, Snoop’s parents encountered marital difficulties, leading her mother to flee the city and settle in Nashville, TN. Consequently, Snoop spent most of her teenage years in Nashville.

Despite the challenges she faced, Snoop remained determined to find her purpose in life. At the young age of fifteen, she embraced the responsibilities of motherhood, yet this did not deter her from pursuing her dreams. Initially aspiring to join the ranks of the WNBA, Snoop’s ambitions shifted as she discovered her passion for entrepreneurship and business.

From an early age, Snoop recognized the desire to forge a different path for herself, and her dreams of basketball fame gradually transformed into a fervor for building and leading successful ventures.

Business Career

In 2008, Snoop entered the entertainment industry by launching Wet Dymes, a calendar and DVD series showcasing twelve models from Nashville. The calendar gained significant popularity, leading to a successful promotional tour across major cities. Building on her entrepreneurial spirit, Snoop established KRD Media Group, a talent management agency representing local artists, rappers, and models. While Snoop enjoyed introducing new talent, the business struggled to achieve substantial growth.

In 2009, Snoop embarked on a new venture, opening her first nightclub in Nashville called The G-Spot. However, within just three months, she faced a significant setback, losing over $35,000 of her initial investment. This experience served as a pivotal moment in her career, teaching her valuable lessons about business and protecting her investments.

Snoop’s entrepreneurial drive remained strong. In 2010, she co-founded Face-It, a weekly publication featuring arrest mugshots, but unfortunately, her business partner betrayed her by embezzling funds and changing the bank account information. Rather than engaging in a legal battle, Snoop decided to abruptly discontinue her involvement in the business.

Undeterred, Snoop launched another newspaper business called Caught-Up in Knoxville, TN. With a competent business manager and a dedicated team, the publication thrived and expanded into three new editions in Louisville, KY, Western, KY, and a small city in Florida. Seeking a change, Snoop was drawn to Atlanta and decided to relocate there in winter 2010.

However, the journey of entrepreneurship was marked by both successes and setbacks. In 2011, Snoop faced a sudden breakdown in her relationship with the business manager of Caught-Up. Within a week, all her employees quit, and she discovered that her business manager had started his own newspaper, leading to the demise of Snoop’s business. Devastated by the loss of customers, business model, and funds, Snoop found herself in a difficult situation.

Driven by her determination, Snoop adopted a hustler mindset and turned to various avenues to provide for herself and her daughter. She sold T-shirts, water bottles, and even smoothies in her partner’s boutique while residing in Atlanta. During this time, Snoop recognized the importance of diversifying investments and turned to real estate. She purchased a house in Atlanta for flipping, solely as an investment. When she was down to her last thousand dollars, the house sold, earning her $30,000 and paving the way for her next successful business venture.

Present Day

As an entrepreneur, it’s easy to become consumed with the growth and demands of business, often neglecting personal well-being. In her twenties, Snoop encountered numerous obstacles on her entrepreneurial journey, each serving as a valuable lesson that contributed to her ability to effectively manage multiple ventures simultaneously.

Now in her thirties, Snoop brings a wealth of wisdom to the table, acting as a shield to protect herself, her family, and her businesses. Recognizing the importance of self-care, she has incorporated habits that foster personal growth. Snoop finds joy in exploring the world through travel, savoring fine dining experiences, staying updated on the latest business trends, engaging in basketball, and prioritizing regular massages.

Life extends beyond the realm of business. While one can be a formidable force in the professional realm, it’s crucial to remain authentic when transitioning from the office to one’s personal life. Snoop firmly believes in the significance of personal development alongside professional growth.


Having built significant momentum over the past five years in Atlanta, Snoop has earned widespread respect from diverse communities within the city. She has emerged as a role model for aspiring women entrepreneurs, providing guidance on navigating the unique challenges women face in male-dominated industries. Snoop has gained new audiences, including esteemed women’s organizations such as the Women Presidents’ Organization (WPO), a non-profit membership group for women presidents, CEOs, and managing directors of privately held multimillion-dollar companies. Esco Restaurant recently hosted an event organized by WPO, showcasing Snoop’s increasing influence and impact.

Snoop has built two successful franchises from the ground up, each representing her entrepreneurial vision and commitment to excellence. One of these ventures is Esco Restaurant and Tapas, a thriving establishment co-owned by Snoop and Tahueed “2 Chainz” Epps. With their combined expertise, they have created a culinary experience that captivates patrons and sets new standards in the industry.

In addition to Esco, Snoop embarked on a solo venture with Remedy Salon Suites Franchise, a testament to her versatility and business acumen. This franchise provides a unique platform for beauty professionals to operate their own salon spaces within a supportive and empowering environment. Through this venture, Snoop not only fosters entrepreneurship but also offers mentorship opportunities, courses, and master classes to share her wealth of knowledge with aspiring salon owners.

Snoop’s franchises have not only expanded her reach and influence but have also created avenues for her to inspire and empower others. Through mentorships, courses, and master classes, she shares her expertise, helping budding entrepreneurs realize their potential and overcome obstacles on their own journeys to success. Snoop’s dedication to mentorship and her commitment to excellence are key pillars in her pursuit of empowering others in the business world.


Shortly after her relocation to Atlanta, Snoop utilized the profits from her lucrative real estate investment to purchase her first party bus. In 2012, she founded Party Bus Kings, an entertainment transportation service company based in Atlanta, specializing in mobile entertainment and courier services. The business experienced tremendous success in its inaugural year, prompting the addition of more vehicles within the first six months. Presently, Party Bus Kings continues to thrive in Atlanta, with Snoop assuming a hands-off co-owner role.

With the triumph of Party Bus Kings, Snoop’s journey took a pivotal turn. Her lifelong dream had always been to establish her own night lounge, but her initial failure in 2009 taught her invaluable lessons. In the summer of 2014, Snoop turned her dream into reality by opening The Hookah Hideaway in downtown Atlanta. She attributes the success of the establishment to her genuine nature and being a good person.

The growth of The Hookah Hideaway was organic, as Snoop relied less on forced marketing and instead focused on building the business from the ground up, ensuring compliance with all necessary protocols. Before it’s closing, the lounge exuded a friendly neighborhood bar atmosphere, reminiscent of the popular TV show “Cheers.”

Fearless in her approach to new markets, Snoop co-owned Posh Ultra Lounge in Macon, GA for a brief period in 2015. Within two years, she accomplished another significant milestone by launching her mobile app, Girl Talk, while also venturing into a joint enterprise with 2 Chainz to establish Escobar Restaurant and Tapas.

Future Plans

Snoop embodies a strong commitment to community service and giving back. Her support for Atlanta has been evident through her sponsorship of numerous events, such as the 2017 Back to School Skate Party and School Supply Drive, the Girlz Business Camp 2017 organized by Ladies Who Brunch Atlanta, and youth mentoring programs with Young Entrepreneurs of Atlanta. She has also hosted an annual Friendsgiving Food Drive at The Hookah Hideaway, benefiting ATL Mission, and actively participates in Christmas charity initiatives.

Driven by her passion for making a positive impact, Snoop plans to establish a non-profit organization that provides shelter and advocates for at-risk youth and teen pregnancy. In addition, she has developed an interest in film writing and production, enrolling in classes to expand her knowledge of the industry. Building upon the successes of The Hookah Hideaway and Escobar Restaurant and Tapas, Snoop aims to open a third entertainment venue in Atlanta by the end of 2017.

Snoop’s story exemplifies the notion that failure is an integral part of the journey, and her experiences are just the beginning of her path to success. Her remarkable journey serves as a testament to how adversity can serve as stepping stones towards achieving one’s goals.

Currently residing in Atlanta, GA, Snoop continues to live up to her well-deserved title as a dedicated “Serial Entrepreneur.”